• Deluxe, airconditioned bus duly accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism with comfortable reclining seats, spacious, WIFI access, and cautious driver.
  • Sidetrip to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church for a short spiritual journey.
  • Breakfast of Filipino food like Longsilog (longganisang Lucban), tocilog (Tocino), Bangsilog (Fried Bangus) and unlimited coffee or Milo.
  • Buffet lunch of Filipino and Lucban foods, unlimited rice and juice drinks, ready to be served anytime with no long waits and queues.
  • Reserved function hall/restaurant where you can sit and relax after a tiring walk along the Pahiyas houses. There is also a clean restroom.
  • Service of a tour coordinator, ready to assist and guide you.
  • Travel insurance provided by our partner bus operator.
  • Souvenir items
  • Map and handout about the Pahiyas and Lucban as well as other useful information and tips for a satisfying trip and Pahiyas experience.
Why there is no sidetrip to Laguna or elsewhere?

The Pahiyas happens only once a year – in just one day.  For some, it is not possible to enjoy the celebration that starts in the early morning of May 15 up to late night  Traffic is also unbearable thus getting to Lucban will take so much time if a detour to Laguna is included.