To guide you in making reservation, please refer to the following steps:

Choose Package
1.  Select the Tour Package you want to purchase. Click on the title or photo to view the full details of the package.

2.  Click the ADD TO CART button on the Tour Package you have chosen. You can also enter the number of participants who will join the tour. Your desired package will be added to the Cart and appears on the screen.

Update Cart Content and Checkout
3. In the Cart page, you can update the quantity or continue shopping. If you are satisfied with your purchase, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to continue. If you want to add more packages, click CONTINUE SHOPPING button.

Enter Reservation Details
4. Fill up the form in CHECKOUT page with your personal details, name of participants and seat number desired. You can click the Bus Seat Layout in the right sidebar to check the available seats. Please enter the correct email address and telephone/mobile number.

5. Choose the Method of Payment you are comfortable with to pay for your reservation.

6. Click on the Terms and Conditions check box making sure that you have read and understood our terms and conditions for the tour.

Checkout Success
7.  Double check the information you have entered. Correct the entries if you have some errors. Click the PLACE ORDER button if you have filled the required fields completely. SUCCESS page will show up and an email will be sent indicating the details of your reservation and other information.

Pay for Reservation in 24 hours
8.   At this point, your reservation is marked PENDING. To finalize your reservation, payment must be sent or deposited within 24 hours. Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled. If your reservation is cancelled, please repeat the reservation procedure. You may have to choose a different seat number as your seat reserved may be taken by others.

Voucher Sent
9. Once payment is received and confirmed (by sending us a photo of deposit slip or remittance receipt), a TOUR VOUCHER will be sent to you through your registered email indicating the itinerary, your payment details and other information. It will also serve as your receipt and boarding pass.

Bring Tour Voucher on May 15
10. During the day of the tour on May 15, don’t forget to bring the Tour Voucher so you will be allowed to board the bus.

If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know through email, SMS or Contact Us page.