The Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival is held around the town of Lucban particularly at the town center where most of the activities are concentrated like programs and concerts, the Tiyangge sa Lucban, starting point of the grand parade and the site of Rizal Park, Marcos Tigla Park and the Lucban Roman Catholic Church. Most of the tourists converge in these areas. The highlight of the Pahiyas Festival however are along the Pahiyas Route where you find houses decorated with “kiping” in various shapes, colors and arrangements, fruits, plants, vegetables and other agricultural produce.

Photo Credit: Nabuhiko Hashimoto

Photo Credit: Nabuhiko Hashimoto

The Pahiyas Festival Day Tour is a walking tour, roaming around the narrow streets of Lucban, witnessing the decorated houses, taking photographs and selfies and experiencing the hospitality of the people of Lucban. The streets and the town center are expected to be congested and overcrowded with tourists and visitors, both foreign and local (notwithstanding pickpockets, snatchers, etc. as expected in crowded areas but police are scattered around, both uniformed and plainclothed).

Tricycles, cars, jeepneys, buses and other vehicles (except government vehicles and dignitaries’) are not allowed to ply around town from the early morning up to early evening of May 15. Traffic to and from Lucban are expected to be heavy specially during the day.

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