Pahiyas day Tour

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Experience the Colors!

Take selfies of the Pahiyas houses with colorful kiping and farm produce. Watch the grand parade of beauties, higantes, farmers, carabaos, marching bands and floats and join the fun at the fiesta to end all fiestas – the Pahiyas!

Savor the Food!

Try eating Pansit Lucban the “habhab” way. Taste the flavors of Lucban – Lucban langgonisa, kaldereta, tikoy, broas and other delicacies that will let you crave for more!

Shop for Souvenirs!

Bring home some memories of the Pahiyas and pasalubong to your friends and family! Shop for native hats and bags, tshirts and caps, plants, food and pasalubong at the Tiyangge.

The Tour

The Pahiyas Day Tour is the most convenient way to visit Lucban and experience the colorful Pahiyas Festival.  Since 2009, we have brought thousands of local and foreign tourists to witness the Pahiyas.

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