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  • How long have you been organizing the Pahiyas Day Tour
  • Are the seats we reserved guaranteed to be ours?
  • Can we pay 50%downpayment upon reservation?
  • Do you offer discounts for senior citizens and children?
  • Can we refund our payment in case we back out?
  • Is the reservation transferable to other persons?
  • What kind of buses do you provide for the tour?
  • Is there free wifi in your buses?
  • Are your drivers reliable and not into drugs?
  • What route do you take in going to and from Lucban?
  • Do you have stops along the way?
  • Are participants covered with a travel insurance?
  • Do we have to give tips for the tour coordinators?
  • Is there a parking space where we can safely leave our car near the assembly area?
  • Are there other places to visit aside from the Pahiyas?
We started the Pahiyas Day Tour in 2009 and now we are in our 9th year.  Our first tour was composed of only 14 people, squeezed in a van.  In our 2nd year and every year thereafter, we bring up to 4 buses to the Pahiyas, all in full capacity.
Yes.  Once payment has been made and confirmed, your seat is finally reserved for you and your companions.  Our seat plan is updated as soon as there are new confirmed reservations so there are no chances that your seat may be taken twice.
No, we only accept full payment to confirm your reservation and secure your seat.
Yes, we offer the standard 20% discount for senior citizens.  For children that will occupy a seat, we also give 20% discount.  We do not charge any fee for toddlers who will share their seat with their parents or guardian. 
Yes, as indicated in our terms and conditions, we will refund in full those who have cancelled earlier or at least 7 days before the tour date. For late cancellation, within 7 days prior to the tour, we refund 50%. No refund will be made if cancellation is made within 72 hours prior the tour date.
Yes, you can transfer your seat to another person.  Please inform us immediately about the transfer. 
The buses we provide are big tourists buses from Maya Tours and Travel which is duly accredited by the Department of Tourism.  They have reclining seats with adequate leg room,  cool functioning air-conditioning system, TV and video on board and wifi access. 
Yes all the buses we provide have free wifi access. 
Yes they are all reliable.  They undergo regular drug testing and medical checkup. 
We take the Calamba-Pagsanjan route in going to Lucban which is the shortest route.  On our way back to Manila, we take the Lucena-San Pablo route. 
Yes there are stops along the way for your personal needs. 
Yes all participants are covered with a travel insurance provided by our bus operator. 
Tipping our tour coordinator is not required.  You may do so voluntarily. 
There is an open parking space near the assembly area at the corner of EDSA and Buendia Avenues, adjacent to the Shell Gasoline Station. 
There are no other places to visit during the Pahiyas Day Tour except a side trip to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church.  There are plenty of things to do during the Pahiyas from morning till afternoon that some of you may even have not enough time to complete all.